9 thoughts on “Puzzle Game SoundFX Pack 1

  1. This pack has a lot of songs and loops for many game genres that are really good quality.

    I would suggest this pack for anyone who needs to cover a lot of different scenarios. It’ll help you develop your game faster with great music. Sometimes just getting in the good music can help you feel out the environment you are creating and help you to see the picture you want your players to have. Great music and great support

  2. I expected to find one or two songs in this pack for my game project (I’m really pernickety) and I took 8 of them. Really amazing work, little bit too much etchnic drums (not my taste) but the christmas songs are just outstanding. Really. Great job mate, and really good price.

  3. This is one of the best music resources. I am surprised that this package is suitable for any style of puzzle games.

  4. I’ve been using this in most of my projects, this is the perfect pack if you don’t have access to a musician/composer.

  5. Don’t really need to say anything other than I got my moneys worth and then some with this. Great quality, plenty to choose from.

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